1. Sectoral Advisory Board The Sectoral Advisory Board (SAB) of the Department of Mass Communication was formed with the sole aim of filling the gap between academics and  industry (Private/public and national/international institutions) putting in cognizance the latest requirements of the industry and incorporating necessary components in the curriculum regarding overall development of the department.

    Main Objectives of the SAB:

    1- Development of

    1. a) Curriculum of the Department of Mass Communication
      b) Syllabus of the courses in the Department of Mass Communication
      c) Institutional relationships and collaborations for the department and relevant industries

    2- Increase the potential of

    1. a) Internship
      b) Scholarship
      c) Sponsorship

    Roles and Responsibilities of the SAB:
    The roles and responsibilities of SAB are as follows:
    The SAB develops and recommends new or revised programme goals and objectives.
    The Sectoral Advisory Board of the Department advises the departmental head on matters related to undergraduate, postgraduate, research and outreach programs, including but not limited to curricula, accreditation, new programs, recruitment of students and faculty, and investment of resources.

    Structure of the SAB:

    The SAB is composed of members from eminent institutions as well as members from industry, members of the Department and Faculty

    The Chairman of the Board is the head of the Department of Mass Communication

    The Board meets twice per academic year.

    Members of the SAB:
    The current members of the Sectoral Advisory Board of Mass Communication Department are as follows:

    1. Kabir A. Yusuf: Chairman- Board of Directors, Daily Trust Newspaper, Abuja Nigeria.
    2. Professor Armstrong Aduku Idachaba: National Broadcasting Commission (N.B.C), Abuja, Nigeria
    3. Ibrahim Sheme: Media Director, National Open University of Nigeria, Abuja Nigeria.
    4. Kaleem Khan: British Broadcasting Commission (BBC) Media Action, Country Director, Abuja, Nigeria
    5. Umar Garba Danbatta: Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Abuja Nigeria.